Drop in the Ocean Earrings


The Drop in the ocean earrings are made of ten carefully set topaz that transmit and inspire the strength and the freedom of the water.

18k recycled gold

Total lenght 44,5 mm

20 Topaz of 3x2mm

Pre-order only, ships within 15 to 20 days


Marine Ring


18k recycled gold

Aquamarine 5mm 0.45 cts

Pre-order only, ships within 20 to 30 days

Sky Ring


18k recycled gold

Lab Grown Diamonds, Sapphires, Topaz & Rubies 

Total width including stones 11,63mm

Pre-order only,...

Timeless Bangle


18k recycled gold

Width 1,6mm

Pre-order only, ships within 7 to 20 days